2016 Scouting combine - 2017 scotiabank NHL 100 classic - 2022 nhl winter classic 
from time to time i am asked to cover nhl games and events that are local to me. it is almost impossible for pro hockey news to get credentials for a toronto maple leaf's game due to the fact that all media sources want in.
the criteria is for the most part, readership and there are so many others out there that have us beat in that department but, we keep trying. but for special events and games we do get in. for example i was asked to go to buffalo back in 2016 to the nhl scouting combine. this was the yer that matthews, nylander and the like were going through the paces.
in 2017, i travelled up to ottawa to cover the outdoor game at landsdowne field
2017  scotiabank nhl 100 classic  -  an outdoor game at Lansdowne Park in -40 degree weather at night.
Ahl Hockey

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