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Canadian Junior Football League

Official Photographer for the Hamilton Hurricanes of the CJFL

The Canadian Junior Football League is a national amateur Canadian football league consisting of 19 teams playing in six provinces across Canada. The teams compete annually for the Canadian Bowl. Many CJFL players have gone on to professional football careers in the CFL and elsewhere. The CJFL's formal mission statement is: "The Canadian Junior Football League provides the opportunity for young men aged 17 to 22 to participated in highly competitive post-high school football that is unique in Canada. The goal of the league is to foster community involvement and yield a positive environment by teaching discipline, perseverance and cooperation. The benefits of the league are strong camaraderie, national competition and life-long friends."

The Hamilton Hurricanes: Tradition - Talent - Success

The Hamilton Hurricanes are a proud football organization with a rich history of tradition, talent, and championship success. The team has been a part of the Hamilton Football scene since its inaugural year in 1963 and has proven to the rest of the Ontario Football Conference that nothing will deter them from achieving their goals. With an OFC Championship in 2010 added to the team's history, the Hurricanes look to repeat as OFC Champions and bring home the National Title in 2011.

Hamilton Hurricanes of the CJFL

The Ottawa Sooners

The Ottawa Sooners are a Canadian football team based in Ottawa. The team originally played in the Ontario Football Conference of the Canadian Junior Football League. The team had achieved success during its play in the CJFL, winning a total of 4 National Championships (1974, 1979, 1984 and 1992). After 35 years of competition (1960–1995) in the CJFL, the Sooners moved to the Quebec Junior Football League for the beginning of the 1996 season.

Ottawa Sooners of the CJFL