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Ontario Field Hockey

In Canada, field hockey is generally restricted to spring, summer and early autumn seasons, except in southwestern British Columbia, where it can be played year-round. It is principally a girls' sport in schools, but is played by both men and women in adult leagues across the country. In the late 1990s, registered membership was just over 10.000 (8.200 women and 1.200 men) and the estimated total playing population, including school players, was 30.000.

The modern form of field hockey was first played in Canada in British Columbia. In 1896, the first recorded match in Canada was played by Vancouver girls, and the Vancouver Ladies Club was formed. Men were also playing at the turn of the century in Vancouver and Victoria, and a Vancouver League came into existence in 1902. The first women's organization in Canada was formed in Vancouver in 1927.

After World War II, the immigration of players to Canada from all parts of the Commonwealth of Nations influenced the establishment of field hockey across the country, and by 1959 the game was being played in the Maritimes, Ontario and Alberta. The Canadian (men's) Field Hockey Association was founded in 1961; the Canadian Women's FHA a year later. In 1992 the CFHA and the CWFHA merged to form Field Hockey Canada.

Ontario field hockey photo

Ontario field hockey photo